Established in 2014 to prepare Jordanian youth and athletes to take part in national and international championships. Athletes are trained by specialized coaches who will focus on taking their skills into the next level, and prepare them from different age groups.

NES Club offers various of courses:

Football, Basketball, Juijitsu, Swimming and Gymnastics.

Athletes are welcome to join more than one club based.


NES Club Objectives:

1. Build stronger Jordanian youth.

2. Enhance the level of the athletics clubs offering top quality coaching.

3. Prepare athletes to participate in the Jordanian National Championship by the federation.

4. Prepare athletes to take part in International Championships.


Private classes are offered to athletes in all clubs.

NES Sports Club CEO: Dr. Said ELTurk

NES Sports Club Manager: Ms. Ibtisam Alam


For more information, kindly contact 0792003663

Our Vision

Creating a new generation of young athletics and encouraging the physically challenged to participate in competitive sports.

Our Mission

Building a sustainable brand image for the New English Sports Club.

Adding a new spark to our lively city and uniting the entire community in a spirit of fitness and fun.


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