Upper Secondary School New English School

Upper Secondary School caters for the academic and pastoral needs of Years 10 to 13. It subscribes to the whole School policy of promoting academic excellence, creativity and industry. The School aims at engendering a strong spirit of teamwork and developing notions of collective responsibility throughout the student community.

Upper Secondary School aims at providing

  • An appropriate academic challenge that enables each pupil to realise his or her full potential.
  • A wide range of sporting, musical, dramatic and other extra-curricular activities through which students can develop a breadth of interests and learn to work cooperatively.
  • A caring, supportive and well-ordered environment in which students from a variety of backgrounds can feel secure and equally valued.

Upper Secondary School is divided into the following departments, each of which is led by a designated Subject Leader

  • Arabic Studies.
  • English (First Language English, English Literature and English as a Second Language).
  • Mathematics.
  • Science (Physics – Chemistry – Biology and Environmental Management).
  • Religion Studies.
  • Social and Business Studies.
  • Information & Communication Technology.
  • PE.
  • Art and Design.
  • French.
  • Drama and Theatre Studies.
  • Music.

Years 10 and 11 strictly follow the IGCSE curriculum which automatically fulfills the Jordanian Ministry of Education’s Tawjihi equivalency requirements.

In Years 12 and 13, students tackle the AS and A-level courses. Students are advised to undertake four full A-levels including Arabic if applicable. NES offers a total of 16 options of AS/A-level courses including Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, English Literature, First Language English, French, Mathematics and Physics.

Other courses such as History and Religion may be offered as per demand.


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