Interview and Entrance Examination Fee: JD 100

A non-refundable fee applicable to all new students.

New Student Registration and Enrolment Fee: JD 600

This is a one-time, non-refundable payment for new students.


  1. Siblings:
  • A 5% discount is offered for the 2nd child.
  • A 10 % discount is offered for the 3rd and every other younger siblings.
      2. Alumni:
  • A 20% discount is offered to the children of NES alumni.

      3. Diplomatic Employees:
  • A 20% discount is offered to the children of diplomats.
  • A 7% discount is offered to those who pay the full amount by 31/5/2023.

Please Note: Discounts are only applicable on the tuition fees.

Tuition Fees



Early Years Department

    Pre1     Nursery     Foundation Stage    3460
    Pre2     FS 1     Foundation Stage    3460
    KG1     FS 2     Foundation Stage    4000
    KG2     Year 1     Foundation Stage    4000

Primary Department

    Gr1     Year 2     Key Stage 1    4200
    Gr2     Year 3     Key Stage 2    4600
    Gr3     Year 4     Key Stage 2    4700
    Gr4     Year 5     Key Stage 2    4900
    Gr5     Year 6     Key Stage 2     5100

Lower Secondary Department

    Gr6     Year 7     Key Stage 3    5200
    Gr7     Year 8     Key Stage 3    5300
    Gr8     Year 9     Key Stage 3    5400

Upper Secondary Department

    Gr9     Year 10     Key Stage 4 (IGSCE & American Programme)    8400
    Gr10     Year 11     Key Stage 4 (IGSCE & American Programme)    8400
    Gr11     Year 12     Key Stage 5/Sixth Form (AS/A2)  Advanced          Placement    11300
    Gr12     Year 13     Key Stage 5/Sixth Form (AS/A2)  Advanced Placement    11300

Other Fees

A     A Supplies Fee for textbooks, copybooks, and Yearbook is payable by all students in accordance with the following:
    Nursery-Yr. 1     JD 500
    Yr. 2-9     JD 600
    Yr. 10 & 12 (IGCSE)     JD 600
    Yr. 11 & 13 (IGCSE)     JD 400
    Yr. 10 - 13 (AP)     JD 750
B     Advanced Computer Information Technology **     JD 250
C     International Assessment Programmes ( Yr.2 - Yr.9)     JD 630
D     Challengers' Department *     JD 3800
E     Special Support Per-Subject (Yr. 2 – Yr. 13)*     JD 1300
F     Intensive Arabic *     JD 500
G     Transportation Fees  
    Zone one      JD 750
    Zone two      JD 800
    Zone one (One Way)      JD 500 
    Zone two (One Way)      JD 550
H     Accidents Insurance and Medical Services ***      JD 100

*** This covers accidents that a student may endure on the school premises during school hours and trips. The coverage is up to 1000 JD each year per student. Please refer to the finance department for further information.
** Applicable for all Years.
* Where applicable
Note: Fees for School uniform, food, trips, extracurricular activities and school camps are payable separately

Terms & Methods of Payment: Cash, Cheques or Credit Card

Three equal installments are to be paid to the Finance Department by:
  • 1st April 2023
  • 1st August 2023
  • 1st December 2023
Post-dated cheques should be submitted together at the time of registration dates as above.
  • NES reserves the right to withhold records of withdrawing students until all outstanding payments are settled in full.
  • The school reserves the right to accept new students from the waiting list if payments in full are not received by the due date.
  • An interest will be added to the total in case of delay in payment or returned cheques.
  • Charges paid and /or outstanding are not refundable in case of absence, dismissal or withdrawal.
Admissions In This Section
25 December Christmas Holiday


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