Theatre Facilities

The exceptional value placed on Performing Arts at the New English School is mainly reflected in its purpose built facilities. There are three large Drama studios in the Secondary School, two of which are equipped with mirrors and dedicated to Ballet, dance, filming and acting. The Drama Studio, is also equipped with interactive smart-boards and data shows along with rostrum and green board which enables flexible staging. Two of the studios have a free-standing lighting system that can be operated by both teachers and learners, and a resource room with large smart TV, the studios are well laid out to facilitate a multitude of learners projects, from filming external exams to conducting rehearsals, all rooms are ideal ambience to develop artistic potential and talents.

NES Auditorium, with its contemporary design structure and 325 seats, is an ideal setting for whole school productions such as dramatic and musical performances, external exams and other special events like lectures and conferences. Our Proscenium stage with its side wings, backstage, unique lighting system, special effects, data show screen and wireless digital sound system, makes it a very adaptable and often used facility that is able to cope with large scale performances.

There are also Prop and Setting stores along with two large dressing rooms with wide wardrobes, full of variety of rentable costumes from different cultures eras and timeline.

NES encourages the use of the Auditorium not just within school, but also within the community at large. Professional opera singers, story tellers, nearby arts community, piano recitals, ex NES actors, dancers, musicians, staging various cultural events.

The Music Studio is further equipped with two Pianos and other instruments, to allow learners to experiment in different musical styles, as well as play their own composed pieces. The Music Theory Room includes an interactive smart whiteboard with a data show which is used as a teaching tool, and allows learners to listen to music and watch educational music videos.


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