NES Student Profile

At NES, we do not only focus on learning concepts in the classrooms, we also believe in the importance of character building. NES teachers act as role models on a daily basis, inspiring our students with a caring attitude to help build the inner foundations needed in developing each students’ character. NES provides a social structure which is ideal for our students, helping them grow into self-dependent respectful adults. Responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, citizenship, integrity and self-discipline are some of the vital elements of an individuals’ characterstics. We aim at helping our students exhibit these fundemental character traits ensuring by this a successful journey for our NES graduates in their future lives.

Good character builds the trust needed for success.  

Volunteering, helping, supporting the less fortunate, and mentoring younger learners, are some of the methods used at NES to help our students develop their character.


We take the well-being of our children very seriously. We strive to create a safe and amiable environment for all students without distinction, free from bullying, intolerance and prejudice. The Child Welfare Subcommittee of the Board of Governors is empowered to implement pastoral care to the fullest. The full Child Welfare and Safety policy and procedures are given in the Staff Handbook.

Disciplinary Action

A Disciplinary Committee is formed at the beginning of each academic year. Its membership consists of the principal, SMT, four teachers, a parent and a senior student. Whenever an incident occurs, the committee meets to assess its seriousness and to recommend to the Executive Board the proper disciplinary action to be imposed.

Code of Conduct and Uniform

A separate booklet is designed and distributed to detail the Code of Conduct. It is based on a reward system where Merits are awarded for academic performance and House Points are awarded for good behaviour, teamwork, use of shared language, participation and uniform.
The School Uniform is mandatory and must be worn with pride.

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