Primary School New English School

  • Key Stage 2: Years 2 to 6
Primary students follow the Cambridge Curriculum framework for English, Mathematics and Science, which incorporates elements of the English National Curriculum as well as the Jordanian National Curriculum for Arabic, religion and global perspectives.

Our curriculum is designed to provide

  • Breadth of subject matter and learning experience.
  • Balance between styles and areas of learning.
  • Relevance to the needs of the individual, each according to experience and cultural background.
  • Coherence through links between areas of learning.

We strive to develop our students into independent and lifelong learners, encouraging a spirit of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. Our principal objective remains the attainment of each child’s potentials –
physically, emotionally, socially and scholarly. At the end of their Primary schooling, Year 6 students sit for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests in English, mathematics and science. These tests are basically a diagnostic assessment tool that gives valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and areas of improvement before they progress to the next stage of education.

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