Lower Secondary SchoolNew English School

The Lower Secondary school aspires to promote and foster a culture of excellence, dedication and team spirit in all areas of school life.

Our mission is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing world and support them in this journey in a stimulating yet safe environment. We strive to de­velop the qualities and strengths of each student to the highest degree possible and to nurture in each child a sense of happiness, value and responsibility.

The creation of the Lower Secondary department Years 7-9  has been done to ensure a smooth academic transition from the Primary School and a consistent and sustained progress for all the students at the higher secondary level.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Exhibiting a strong administrative leadership.
  • Setting high expectations from students.
  • Frequent monitoring of students’ performance.
  • Maintaining safe and orderly school.
  • Implementing the school ethos.
  • Building a supportive community.
  • Maintaining and promoting discipline at all times.


All subjects communicated in Arabic (Arabic language, Religion and Arabic Social Studies) use the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of Jordan.

Intensive Arabic

The Arabic intensive programme is offered to any student from Year 7 to Year 9 exhibiting difficulty with Arabic.

New students who have not shown sufficient proficiency in the language during the school's entrance examination and existing students whose end of year result for the last academic year was not sufficiently high (generally lower than D+) will automatically be placed in the intensive Arabic programme.

The purpose of enrolling these students in the intensive Arabic programme is to specifically cater for their individualistic and idiosyncratic needs as they will receive the care and attention they require to progress.

English, Science and Mathematics

Our English-led curriculum prepares Years 7 to 9 students for the upcoming IGCSE and A-level studies.
Up to Year 9 (the end of Key Stage 3) coursebooks and resources are Cambridge University Press. These books are designed to follow the Cambridge Checkpoint Syllabus, schemes of work and mark schemes.



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