A word from The Chairman Dr Said El Turk

Greetings from The New English School.

I hope the following pages do justice to the School. It is not an easy task to capsule 32 years of growth and achievements in a few words and pictures.

Education is an ever-evolving endeavour: curriculums change to adapt to new realities while technologies encroach on traditional learning methodologies. NES has kept and continues to keep abreast with the times. But certain fundamentals remain anchored in our mission: to develop the individual into a global citizen proud of his/her culture and traditions yet tolerant and open to the world around.

The vigorous British system we offer from nursery to Year 13 is solid and prepares students to pursue higher education anywhere. Our facilities ensure that body and mind are developed wholesomely under the watchful and caring eyes of our 200-strong teaching staff.

Perhaps our graduates are the best testimony to what NES is all about.

Said ElTurk

25 December Christmas Holiday


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