Health ServicesServices

The New English School has one main clinic and a dental clinic staffed by 1 doctor and 2 nurses as well as 1 dentist.
The school adheres to the Ministry of Health regulations for private schools.

1. The medical staff ensures that all students receive the vaccinations provided by the Ministry of Health.
2. We also provide yearly dental screening for all students.
3. In addition, we provide medical check-ups i.e. Height, weight and vision tests.
4. The school clinic supervise regular food handling in the school’s cafeteria.
5. School sports activities are supervised by a member of the medical team.
6. The medical staff provides care for chronic diseases i.e. Asthma, diabetes and Mellitus.
7. The swimming pools are monitored for cleanliness.
8. To promote good Hygiene i.e. Hand washing, covering nose when sneezing.
9. Manage contagious diseases.
10. Regular checking for head lice students may return to school after starting treatment on AAP recommendations.
11. Promote healthy lunch boxes i.e. No Pepsi or fizzy drinks, no crisps or chocolates.


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