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Founded in 1986 and located in the West Amman suburb of Khalda, the New English School is a private coeducational institute that caters to nursery (Pre1) and FS1 (Pre2) students and upwards.

Out of our firm belief that students need to discover their abilities in a wider world, NES started offering an English Only Stream ten years ago beginning from Early Years as an alternative to the traditional bilingual education. This option has proved to be very attractive to many parents – particularly among the foreign community. As such, NES today boasts a student body of 39 nationalities. This kaleidoscope of colours and cultures can only add to the richness of the student's life on campus.

The School’s pre-IGCSE programme is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales and provides the foundation for AS and A-Level studies. Moreover, the Cambridge International Primary Programme has been fully endorsed since the academic year 2010/2011.

Since 1991, NES has been a recognized Teaching Institution and Examinations Centre accredited by both the Edexcel (London) and Cambridge International Examination Authorities. Our Examinations Officer liaises closely with the British Council in Amman with regards to regulations and guidelines to effectively and proficiently administer external exams on NES campus.

NES also offers the American High School Diploma as part of the American Program, the program is accredited by the US-based accreditation agency, Accreditation International.

NES memberships in international bodies and affiliations with impressive institutions are crucial in raisinig and maintaining  the high quality of our students' education and essential to increasing their acceptance rate at prestigious universities where they can pursue their higher education.

Education could be an industry, a business or a service. We view it as a commitment and a calling.


SCHOOL MISSION & AIMS Mission and Aims

NES is committed to a culture of excellence in every aspect of the student life. This is achieved through selfless dedication and fervent team spirit.

Our students are emboldened to realize fully their intellectual, emotional and physical potentials. We endeavour to equip each child and young adult with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to allow him/her the opportunity to become a free thinker yet considerate, independent and a responsible individual.


ETHOS & OBJECTIVES Mission and Aims

The New English School embraces the rights of the children stated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the UN General Assembly and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:

‘Each child shall enjoy special protection, be given opportunities and facilities to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in a healthy and appropriate manner in conditions of freedom and dignity.’

To this end, the school seeks to provide for its entire community:

  • A creative, supportive, pleasant and attractive learning environment.
  • An atmosphere in which high standards of work, behaviour and appearance are the norm.
  • A broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
  • The motivation, challenge and inspiration for students to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • The necessary encouragement to work together with respect and tolerance regardless of physical or mental capabilities and irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality or religion.
  • A variety of experiences which will promote and celebrate the culture of Jordan and its national heritage.
  • A style of education which promotes a clear sense of moral, social and environmental responsibility.

ACCREDITATION International Affiliation and Accreditation

  • NES is a member of the European Council for International Schools (ECIS) and Council for International Schools (CIS), linking us with similar international schools throughout the world.
  • The school is a recognized Teaching Institution and Examinations Centre accredited by both the EDEXCEL (London) and Cambridge International examination boards.
  • The school is also an accredited training centre for the ‘Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.
  • NES AHSD - American High School Diploma, is internationally accredited by the Ai, the world wide Accreditation International which is recognized by the NCPSA, the National Council for Private School Accreditation.
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